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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, student death investigation. we'll tell you what's happening to three high school students in delaware after a 16-year-old girl's death. and new this morning, student loan help. we'll show you the new website the government just launched that could help millions of borrowers. plus, here's a look at the
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nbc 10 first alert radar. rain is expected later today. we'll find out about the timing in a few minutes. right now it's 48 degrees, 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. you see that green mass moving this way. let's start with bill henley and the first alert neighborhood forecast. bill, two days in a row now it's really cool. >> we're going to make it three. have you seen the seven day scrolling at the bottom of the screen? that shows you the cool weather stays with us today and tomorrow. you'll likely need your umbrellas. the first sprinkles just arrives now in southern delaware. it's just some light rain there. you can see the showers in the salisbury area. these will be increasing as the day goes on. there's the green blob that vai was mentioning moving through virginia and heading to the northeast. so we'll see that arrive this morning and into this afternoon. heading out right now, there's some clouds and cooler temperatures. that's a live view from easton this morning.
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43 degrees right now. upper 50s. that's a considerable warmup considering we have clouds and easterly winds, which are going to combine to keep the entire area cooler than normal. no upper 60s, where we should be this time of year. it'll be struggling to get into the 50s. rain developing by noontime, 57. new jersey, 56 degrees. any breaks of sunshine you see first thing will be disappearing as the day goes on. we'll go through the futurecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes to show you when you can expect the umbrellas to be going up in your area. first, let's check in with jessica boyington, see how the roads are looking on this thursday morning. >> well, we're watching the vine street expressway headed through center city. no problems right now. we've skipped over that ongoing construction. that usually occurs in the morning until 5:00. all lanes open right now westbound or eastbound into the schuylkill expressway or 95. no problems.
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we also have some more ongoing construction in the area around the delaware memorial bridge. we are losing the left lane heading into delaware from new jersey. no big backups yet. this is 95 headed through delaware. no problems north or southbound from 295 to 495 is a ten-minute trip. speeds into the mid-60s. it's 5:33. 48 degrees outside. new this morning, got student loan debt? the government just launched a website to help student loan borrowers pay off their debts. pamela osborne is live in the digital operations center. walk us through this new site. >> it works by giving people more options to pay back those loans. we're talking about changes that could help ease the burden on more than 40 million americans with federal loan debt. altogether, the amount of debt they're carrying is crushing. we're talking about $1.3 trillion. that's how much the federal government says students owe in loans. with the cost of education
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rising and interest kicking in, it's been very difficult for some people to juggle those payments and their day-to-day living expenses as well. in fact, one in seven borrowers default on their loans within three years. that's why the department of education has launched this website to help people find loan repayment options. now people will have new options for paying back their loans at a more affordable rate. included is a pay as you earn program, which caps monthly payments at 10% of your income. the obama administration has been working to make college more affordable and accessible. these new measures will also aim to improve the credit reporting industry and how they take loan repayments into account. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborne. there have been several attacks along the schuylkill river trail recently. >> so philadelphia leaders and community groups created a trail watch program to make sure that you're safer when you bike or
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run along the river. >> begin with the basics. gender, age, number of individuals. >> anthony murphy with town watch integrated services led the first session of training for the schuylkill river trail watch at city hall last night. organizers want joggers, walkers, and cyclists to be on the lookout for suspicious people or things. then they can report them using new emergency mile markers on light posts. >> mile markers itself makes it easier for you as an individual to pick up your phone and say i'm here, which now tells the police where you are. >> you may see members of the new trail watch group sometime in june. they'll be wearing distinctive purple shirts as they use the trail. three girls are suspended because of a fight in a wilmington high school that left a girl dead. now wilmington's police chief says charges are coming in the death of amy joyner francis. now another mother who lost her son in a fight is taking a special interest in amy's story. lisa sawyer's son ty died as a result of a fight at a party in
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middletown a year ago. the guy ty faught was never charged because prosecutors say ty agreed to the fight, and that falls under the state's mutual combatant law. his mom says that law needs to change. >> kids are out of control nowadays because there's no -- they don't face consequences for what they do. this law is part of the reason for that. >> sawyer also says kids are now more interested in recording the fights than actually trying to stop them. happening today, wilmington city council will review the city's efforts to fight crime. the council has been meeting quarterly to review the recommendations of the state crime commission. they include fully staffing the police department, accurately tracking crime, and improving relationships with other agencies. city council is encouraging residents to participate to hear what police are doing to reduce violent crime and how they can help with those efforts. one of the great sporting events ever in the country happening right here.
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the 2016 penn relays start today in philadelphia. >> the competition runs through saturday. the annual event at franklin field brings together high school, college, and pro athletes to compete in the country's oldest and largest track and field meet. college women's discus and hurdles events start the competition this morning. then girls high school events. a chilly morning in the 40s right now. clouds are moving into the area. those clouds will bring us some rain today. the first of it will fall this morning in delaware and south jersey. this is the futurecast. as we go through the morning, here comes the steady rainfall. this is 9:30 this morning, delaware, and into south jersey. cape may will see some rain with just a few sprinkles entering into pennsylvania and headed towards philadelphia during the morning, late morning, and early afternoon. that's noontime. then during the afternoon, the rain is going to continue. don't forget your umbrella.
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dry to start with. 49 dlegrees right now in philadelphia. as we go into the afternoon hours, that's when we'll get the rain. pennsylvania suburbs, low 50s. might see a little sunshine to begin with, but that quickly fades as the rain moves in. easterly winds will help keep things cool in the suburbs. the lehigh valley, 43 degrees right now. middle 50s this afternoon with rain due in during the afternoon hours. i think it will start during the early afternoon hours. for south jersey, 42 degrees is where we're going to start. upper 50s this afternoon in spite of the rain and clouds. light rain to start with. then steady at times as we go into the afternoon hours. don't expect to see any heavier rainfall, but you might see a moderate rain shower. that's a possibility at the shore, where the clouds and the rain and the easterly, northeasterly winds will combine to keep temperatures in the lower 50s. 54 degrees at 11:00. as the rain moves in, the temperatures come down a little more. the first to see the rain,
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delaware. 47 degrees right now, completely dry. as we go through the morning hours, the rain will start coming down. by late in the morning, 55 degrees. that is light rainfall. that is today. at the bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast. when i come back, ten-day outlook. vai and tracy? >> thank you, bill. i come in a little later. i get caught on the taconi-palmyra bridge. i get off and make my way. the whole way i'm thinking, j s jessi! >> you could have sent me a text message. everybody can have that. you have your personalized update here when you tune into nbc 10. you can watch 422 right now around trooper road. no problems or delays yet. no problems or delays, but some cars definitely starting to make their way out the door. a nine-minute trip.
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speeds starting to drop into the 50s. everything is still moving along nicely. here's the blue route. no problem there is either. we are in the green. 15 minutes if you're headed southbound from the schuylkill to 95. speeds are into the 60s. we are just a little bit ahead of that curve again. not seeing any major delays yet because of added volume in the morning time. we are watching construction in philadelphia. walnut lane is closed between park lane drive and henry avenue. that's there until september. definitely something that's going to be a part of your morning commute, athlete througho -- at least throughout the summer. left lane is closed heading into delaware. right now, no backups or delays back into new jersey on the turnpike or to 295. >> thank you. 48 degrees right now. 20 minutes before 6:00. a crisis, that's how a tsa director is describing the transportation agency. hear why officials are also calling the tsa a all culture of intimidation and retaliation. plus, heads up. how a potentially scary moment during a phillies game duringed
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harmless thanks to a new rule.
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good morning, montgomery county. here's a live look this morning along fayette street. right now it is 46 degrees. now to decision 2016.
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donald trump swept the republican primaries on tuesday. >> now he's gearing up for next tuesday's contest in indiana. who better to have on your side in the hoosier state than bobby knight, former indiana head basketball coach joined trump at a rally last night in indianapolis. the events followed trump's first major foreign policy speech in washington. the gop front runner blasted u.s. immigration policies. >> we must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. we have no idea where these people are coming from. there's no documentation. there's no paperwork. there's nothing. >> trump also threatened to stop providing a defense guaranteed to nato allies who don't spend up to 2% of their gross domestic product. ted cruz chose carly fiorina to be his running mate, even
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though he's far behind donald trump in delegates. he talked about how fiorina stood up to trump in one of the early debates. >> carly confronted donald trump. and every one of us remembers the grace, the class with which carly responded. >> the cruz campaign has even created a new logo. there it is. now to the democrats. >> after a rough primary night this week, bernie sanders' campaign is laying off hundreds of staffers. however, the campaign insists the move to downsize is not a reaction to sanders' losses in four states on tuesday. a spokesperson says with 80% of the contest behind them, they no longer need as many staffers. and of course we have you covered on all things decision 2016 with the nbc 10 app. get a look at the national and local races, delegate counts, and we'll send you push alerts as news breaks from the campaign trail. happening today, the michigan civil rights commission will hold its first hearing into
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flint's lead contaminated water crisis. the commission will examine what role race played in the state's slow response to the crisis and whether the city's residents had their civil rights violated. those residents were exposed to unsafe water for about 18 months. meantime, we're hearing from a young girl from flint who wrote a letter to president obama about the city's water crisis. the president wrote back to her this week and told her he wants to meet her. >> i hope that maybe with him coming here, it will open his eyes to how bad it really is. >> the president plans to meet with the little girl when he visits flint next wednesday. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert will become one of the highest ranking politicians in american history to serve time behind bars. a judge in chicago yesterday called hastert a serial child molester and sentenced him to more than a year in prison in a hush money case. hastert was once second in line to the presidency. he pleaded guilty last year to brekking banking laws after he tried to pay $3.5 million to
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keep quiet accusations of child abuse. hastert is accused of sexually abusing teens while he was a high school wrestling coach in illinois. and some top security officials say passenger safety could be at risk because of mismanagement at the agency that monitors security at u.s. airports. >> turnover at the transportation security administration has reached a crisis level. that's what three senior tsa directors told members of a congressional committee yesterday. they said in one year, only 400 people joined the agency while more than 4600 quit. >> american public and congress should care about what occurs in tsa because its senior leaders are mismanaging our agency and our security effectiveness is compromised. >> the tsa directors testified the agency cultures intimidation. a jetblue pilot accused of flying drunk has been released on $50,000 bond. this is dennis murphy jr., who
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appeared in a new york courtroom yesterday. prosecutors say he was under the influence when he flew passengers from florida to new york last year. he initially blew a 0.11 on his blood alcohol test, exceeding the 0.4 legal limit for pilots. a pilot from delaware county, who was grounded on suspicions of being drunk, will be arraigned next month. john mcguire was about to go co-pilot in an american airlines flight last month. he was questioned in the cockpit and taken into custody after failing two breathalyzer tests. septa faces a federal lawsuit filed by a man who says that septa breaks the lauz when performing background checks on job applicants. the lawsuit filed by a commercial bus driver claims septa is illegally disqualifying applicants who have unrelated felony convictions. the suit also claimed septa violated the fair credit reporting act by not disclosing to applicants it was obtaining their credit information. septa told our partners at the
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philadelphia business journal that it does not comment on pending litigation. it's 5:48 and 48 degrees outside. an incident at last night's phillies game in d.c. should serve as an important reminder. >> yeah, keep your eyes on the field, not on your phone. >> look out. look at this. the bat is dangling in the screen. >> how about that? hernandez's bat broke and the barrel went flying. luckily it got stuck in the protective safety net behind home plate. those nets were expanded in all parks this season by baseball. if this happened last year, that spear-shaped piece of wood there would have flown into the seats. by the way, the phillies beat the nats 3-0. 5:49 and chilly this morning. a little light fog in the area as clouds move back in and the temperatures come down. this is a view that's going to
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change. the road is completely dry right now. i'm expecting rain to return during the day today. as you can see by the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, this is not our only chance for rain. definitely a chilly morning. dry for now. the rain moving in later this morning, and it will be falling this afternoon. it is umbrella time. the rain moving in and continuing during the afternoon hours. even this evening, scattered showers are likely. the streets will be a bit damp if you're heading out and about this evening. right now, you'll need the jacket. 49 degrees in philadelphia. south jersey, the jersey shore also dropping down into the 40s. some breaks in the clouds. 43 degrees at the jersey shore and the lehigh valley. pennsylvania suburbs also in the low 40s. delaware at 47 degrees is dry at this time. some showers will be moving in. look at the arrows. those are northeasterly winds. we'll have them again today. that's going to keep these temperatures lower. not a huge warmup today,
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especially with the rain moving in. the chance of showers. as the day goes on, 57 degrees in philadelphia at noontime. the rain will bring the temperatures down later this afternoon. the pennsylvania suburbs start dry but rain later this morning and this afternoon. lehigh valley, clouds take over with rain, not to start with, but this afternoon it is likely. new jersey, look at the cool temperatures. 51 degrees. delaware, same story. you'll see the rain in delaware before it moves into interior new jersey. at the shore, some morning showers that continue into the afternoon. won't be an all-day rainfall. a chance of rainfall. once the first drops start moving in, the chance will stay with us through this afternoon, through tonight, and into tomorrow. right now, dry, except to the south. some light showers in sussex county in delaware. the main rainfall is still to the southwest but moving our way. find your umbrella. you'll need it today and again tomorrow. look at the temperatures. 50s, nowhere near the 60s, which
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is typical for this time of year. not until we get to saturday. 63 degrees. the chance of rain will return on sunday. for now, it looks like it's going to be dry for the bluecross broad street run. there's a chance of late morning shower. more likely those showers come into play during the afternoon. as we head into monday, a little warmer. 77 degrees on wednesday. still a chance of showers next week. but by next weekend, we'll be drying out for saturday. your ten-day outlook at least one every half hour. >> love it. all right, bill, thanks. eight minutes before 6:00 right now. let's get you to work. it's thursday, friday eve. >> i love that it's friday eve. almost makes friday seem like christmas. that means jessica must be like santa claus. good news for us? >> mrs. claus. on 95, not a gift right here.
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delays now. we had an earlier accident involving a few vehicles. it was over into the left lane. it has singsz cleared, but you can see the delays remain. this is at the worst time, right when we're starting to see those delays headed southbound into center city. now our drive times are starting to climb up. 17 minutes from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. speeds dropping into the 40s but still up there, at least slow through that point. also watch for some construction on the betsy ross bridge. the ramp to richmond street will be closed until may, which is coming up. definitely something we can still plan into our morning commute. we'll have details for you as soon as that becomes open again. vai? >> all right. thank you, jessica. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. seven minutes before 6:00. an education celebration. >> we'll tell you about the hundreds of science activities thisening across philadelphia week. and don't forget, the bluecross broad street run is this sunday, may 1st.
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nbc 10 has you covered from start to finish. our coverage begins 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. if you're not running, don't forget to dvr it so you can catch yourself on the trail. nice. and join us tomorrow for ready, set, run. the experts show us what runners need to do days leading up to the race. we'll also show you the best places to watch the race along the course and what's new at this year's health departmeweal expo.
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just about 6:00 a.m. happening today, kids will be able to participate in hands-on experiments and animal encounters at several libraries. >> it's part of this year's philadelphia science festival. watch this. >> a lot of screaming. >> yeah, that's an example of the more than 200 science activities that are happening around the city this week. the franklin institute leads the annual event that showcases science, technology, engineering, and math. >> each booth is not where you're just picking up a f pamphlet, but it addresses a question. how do bees make honey?
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how do robotics actually work to impact medicine? >> the sixth annual philadelphia science festival ends saturday with the science carnival at penn's landing. the nfl draft is now hours away, and the eagles are getting ready to make the overall number two pick. >> up next, we'll break down the options at the top of the draft board. plus, coffee attack. how a stop at a philadelphia starbucks ended with a violent encounter between two women.
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frat housebreak-in. we'll tell use what happened when a student returned home from studying to find a guy rooting around in his kitchen. and it is draft day in the nfl. the eagles traded up for the number two overall pick. now they're hoping to land a future franchise quarterback. we'll have a live report from the linc. a woman who threw scalding coffee during a center


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